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About BookCamp Halifax

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BookCamp Halifax is a user-generated unconference designed to bring print publishers, educators, community builders, and the tech community together – for free! BookCamp Halifax is an opportunity to explore the present and future of books and book-like technologies. It’s open to anyone interested in the publishing industry and the potential dynamics of the reader/creator/publisher relationship.


Join us for a day of sharing new ideas, radical notions, and engaging conversation. We’ll consider the future of the book as an object; examine its ongoing role as a delivery mechanism for stories, information and entertainment; and examine how publishers can leverage themselves for success in the digital age. 


Participants and self-selected guest speakers will choose the agenda for this day-long event, which will be comprised of twenty hour-long sessions spread over five time-slots. Participants in these group sessions will discuss and potentially create future book technologies, workflows, and grand schemes.


Our plan is for this to be a day of talking and doing – of rolling up the proverbial shirt sleeves and tinkering with the publishing mechanism. We’re inviting authors, typographers, designers, printers, technologists, booksellers, literary agents, publishers and geeks of every stripe to come along and consider if and how technology can transform and perhaps improve upon the book.


To register for this event, visit the BookCamp Halifax Page on EventBrite.


Lend your passion and expertise to Bookcamp Halifax by volunteering to facilitate a session.

(Contact any of the organizers for details.)

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