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Lend your passion and expertise to Bookcamp Halifax by volunteering to facilitate a session. 

(Contact any of the organizers for details.) 


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See below for session descriptions.



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Session Descriptions




Readers’ Advisors at the Public Library: Working with Publishers



Kristina Parlee (Adult Services Librarian and general fiction selector, Halifax Public Libraries)


David Hansen (Resource Manager for Readers' Services and mystery fiction selector, Halifax Public Libraries)


With the rise of ebooks and the decline in the number of small book stores, where informed staff hand sell books, the public library is important more than ever as a physical space where people can meet to share their love of reading and get new reading suggestions.


Readers’ advisors at the public library actively connect readers to the widest possible range of reading choices.  RAs are well positioned to direct readers to newer and less widely known titles.


How can publishers, authors and readers’ advisors work closer together to help get the word out about new releases to the right readers?



Multi-Tasking 2.0: How to Use Social Media Without Distracting from Your Day Job


JoAnn Yhard (Author: The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines & Lost on Brier Island)


Kimberly Walsh (Digital & Online Coordinator, Nimbus Publishing & Vagrant Press)


In today's online economy, we're all being asked to do more. Whether you're an author, publicist, blogger, librarian or other industry professional, the requirement for social media engagement can present a challenge in your daily workflow. How do you juggle it all? In this session, an author and publicist will talk about methods for finding balance and the tools for multi-tasking in a digital age.



How to Index your Non-fiction Book


Linda Lefler


Some authors index their own works, others outsource to a professional, and some decide to forgo an index altogether.


This session will cover:  Does your book need an index? Preparing for indexing, index structure and content, indexing the metatopic, and proofreading your index.

Linda Lefler is a trained indexer who indexes books in a wide variety of genres.



Environmental Journalism


Chris Benjamin


Chris will discuss the ups and down of journalism with a specific purpose: to inform ongoing discussion and action to save the humans. He will cover opinion writing, fact finding/research, "objectivity", life and death as entertainment, and whatever else the audience wants—he is a freelancer after all. 


Chris Benjamin is a freelance journalist and fiction writer. His critically acclaimed first novel, Drive-by Saviours, was longlisted for a 2011 ReLit Award and Canada Reads 2011.



Free and Open Source Software Tools for Publishing, Promotion and Distribution


Robbie MacGregor (Invisible Publishing)


Robbie's session will...


- briefly introduce the idea of FOSS (free, open source software), skipping the boring legal/moral stuff and focusing on what makes it useful to professional publishers, self-promoters, small project developers, etc.


- discuss ease of use, economics, interpolatablity—ways to save money, do more with less, safely experiment with new things. This is not to try and convert people away from the tools or OSs they like, but just to talk about stuff that's easy and can be used by anybody today.


- cover some of the things/tools everybody uses, like WordPress. There are opportunities to push those tools further that people might not be aware of.


- talk about what can be done if you want to push the use of FOSS tools in a business/professional environment. Invisible Publishing uses FOSS solutions for day-to-day tasks, project development and management. Many people would be surprised by how easy/awesome that is. Invisible does some fairly advanced stuff, like backing up to servers in real time, and they have a lot of control over the tools they work with (how they work), and what that does for work-flow and projects.


Book Blogging Panel


Colleen McKie (Lavender Lines) & Natalie MacLellan (One Book Per Week) 


In unconference style, this session will be facilitated by two successful book bloggers but the audience leads the conversation. In broad strokes, the conversation could be about "the ins and outs of book blogging" or "what book blogging means to the publishing industry" or "why book blog." You determine the path of this conversation. Some of the topics covered in the Toronto session included:


  • What is the role of bloggers, and what is their influence on readers?
  • Are blogger’s reviews taking the place of more formal book reviews?
  • Bloggers as unpaid publicists




The third installment of the trio of presentations designed to investigate the present and future of digital distribution for books is called Beyond Piracy. 

The first two installments were presented at Bookcamp Vancouver and the SFU Summer Publishing Workshops and are called 'Digital Rights Management vs the Inevitability of Free Content', and 'Sharing Culture in Books and the Benefits of Openness', respectively. 

This collaborative discussion-based session will look at common perceptions of piracy and ask questions like, "Piracy may or may not exist - it may be a digitized Shrodinger's Cat - but either way, what are we going to do about it?"

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